Jillian Storey//flutist/educator/creative

April 2021

4:1: Catchfire Collective at TN Tech University (Cookeville, TN), Guest Artist: 

4:18: Coping (Alyssa Morris) with Kelley Tracz, oboe

4:22: DMA Recital at FBC Greensboro

4:24: Catchfire Collective Pop Up Concert-a-thon

4:28: UNCG Flute Ensemble (Director)

March 2021

3:31: Catchfire Collective at the Emporium (Knoxville, TN): 

February 2021

2:15: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, C. Debussy, arr. Schoenberg 

January 2021

1:30: Catchfire Collective live-streamed from Flux Creative Studios: Dance on the Edge

December 2020 

12:10: Catchfire Collective live-streamed from Flux Creative Studios: Falling Up

September 2020 

9.23: Catchfire Collective at SouthEnd Brewing Co., Greensboro, NC 

May 2020 

UNCG Symphony Orchestra European Tour: soloist for Charles Griffes's Poem (cancelled due to COVID-19)

March 2020 

3:8: Catchfire Collective at Darkwater Women in Music Festival, Guest Artist 

3:8: Silverwood Trio at Darkwater Women in Music Festival, The Music of Morris and Higdon 


February 2020 

2:25: UNCG Symphony Orchestra, Choral Fantasy, L. Beethoven 

2:26: Silverwood Trio Recital, The Music of Morris and Higdon  


January 2020

1:22: Catchfire Collective at High Point University, Dreamscapes: The Music of George Crumb 

1:23: Catchfire Collective at UNC Greensboro, Dreamscapes: The Music of George Crumb 


November 2019 

11.14: Students of Jillian Storey Studio Recital, UNCG 

11.25: UNCG Symphony Orchestra: Symphony no. 4, J. Sibelius 

October 2019 

10.11 - 10.14: Catchfire Collective at Michigan State University

10.23: UNCG Flute Ensemble (Director) 

September 2019 

9.8 and 9.15: Catchfire Collective in Greensboro, NC 


August 2019 

8.1 - 8.4: NFA Convention, Salt Lake City, UT

May 2019 

5.23: Catchfire Collective at the Cary School of Music (Cary, NC)

Conduit (Robert Honstein) 

Kindling (Charles Peck) 

Lost in the Valley of the Night - world premiere (Shar Joyner) 

Eroding (Fjóla Evans) 


April 2019 

4.18: UNCG Flute Ensemble (Director) 

4.25: UNCG Wind Ensemble 

4.28: DMA Recital at FBC Greeensoro

4.29: UNCG Symphony Orchestra: Variaciones Concertantes op. 23, A. Ginastera


March 2019 

3.2: Darkwater Women in Music Festival (UNC Pembroke, NC) 


February 2019 

2.15: UNCG Wind Ensemble 

2.22: UNCG Symphony Orchestra: Symphony no. 9, D. Shostakovich 


November 2018 

11.9 & 11.11: Greensboro Opera: Madame Butterfly, G. Puccini 

11.11: UNCG Wind Ensemble at NCMEA 

11.15: UNCG Flute Ensemble (Director) 

11.16: UNCG Symphony Orchestra: Symphony no. 7, L. Beethoven 

11.18: UNCG Wind Ensemble


October 2018 

10.6: Wake Forest University Flute Fest: North Carolina Flute Choir 


September 2018 

9.8: UNCG Collage Performance 

9.27: UNCG Wind Ensemble 


August 2018 

8.9.18-8.12.18: NFA Convention

8.9.18: For Our Beloved Teachers recital, NFA Convention


July 2018

7.2.18-7.11.18: music in Honduras 

April 2018

4.26.18: Guest Artist, Blynn College Flute Day 

4.28.18: Alumni Recital, TN Tech University 

March 2018 
3.25.18: Bryan Symphony Orchestra, Orchestral Suite in B Minor, BWV 1067, J.S. Bach 

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