Jillian Storey//flutist/educator/creative

teaching philosophy

Teaching is one of my greatest passions and something I am constantly seeking out ways in which to grow and improve. As a teacher it is my job to understand that every student's needs are different and to approach each lesson with flexibility in order to help each student reach their potential. I believe that music is an outlet that offers creative space and teaches students to be a part of something bigger than themselves, because in music everyone can be involved and is equally important. Studying music privately or through an ensemble setting teaches students the importance of hard work, dedication, problem-solving, the joy found in collaborating with others, and that anything can be accomplished with diligent practice and effort. 


My approach to teaching the flute is through the fundamentals; these are then applied to the performance and interpretation of music, such as breathing, tone production, technical facility, vibrato use, articulation, and body awareness. In lessons I spend time working on "tunes," etudes, solo repertoire, sight-reading, and playing duets with my students. I also believe in students asking and answering their own questions. I do not often tell students exactly what to do; instead, I ask guided questions so they will be curious about experimenting and trying different ideas from all angles. In the long run, this is what teaches students to thrive outside of their short, weekly lesson. 

Students will also spend time in lessons discussing and learning about different aspects of music, such as performance practice (dealing with nerves is an example), music history, music theory, stage, and professional presence, and in general, being curious about the world around them. 

I strive to be as prepared and engaged in lessons as I ask my students to be; this means that they receive my undivided attention and energies. I also care about each of my students as flutists, of course, but I also care about the general nurture of their growth as people; I strive to be a positive impact on their life. It is important for teachers to be enthusiastic about fixing problem spots in their student's playing, but in an encouraging and respectful manner to encourage learning and growth. I am always seeking out ways to help my students achieve their individual goals, and good communication between teacher and student is vital and invaluable for this, guided by productive and healthy lessons.  


Lessons are offered in half-hour and full-hour increments. 

If you are unsure you can travel to and from lessons, Skype lessons are an option! You would simply need a working computer with reliable internet access, a Skype account, and a PayPal account. 

Please use the contact form for pricing information and any further questions. 

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