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Jillian Storey//flutist/educator/creative

Human Family

During the final year of my doctoral work I explored repertoire that reflected the human family, inspired by Valerie Coleman's Fanmi Imen for flute and piano. All works for both of my recitals were either inspired by, dedicated to, or reflective of some aspect of humanity. Some were recorded in locations around Greensboro that had similar symbolic meaning to the repertoire. 

Spring Program: 

Aware, Nathalie Joachim

Along Fault Lines, Aaron Houston (world premiere) 

Coping for flute, oboe, and piano, Alyssa Morris

Pray, Allison Loggins-Hull

Fanmi Imen for flute and piano, Valerie Coleman

Fall Program: 

Homeland for solo flute, Allison Loggins-Hull

everyone@universe.existenceRobert Dick

Lipstick for flute and boombox, Jacob TV

who are you not to be for solo vocalizing flutist, Gregory Watson

Acht Stucke, Paul Hindemith 

Voice for solo flute, Toru Takemitsu